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My Tiny Alaskan Oven

A California girl, LaDonna got hooked on Alaska, fishing and husband Ole (not necessarily in that order!) more than twenty years ago and has never looked back. As chief deck hand and galley cook on the LaDonna Rose, their 32-foot commercial fishing vessel based in Ketchikan Alaska, she’s responsible for all their meals. These are often prepared on the fly, on a rocking and rolling boat, in a tiny 4×7 foot galley (kitchen) using a tiny oil stove and oven. Yet she refuses to stock the galley with “heat and eat” prepared foods and instead has become adept at serving up scrumptious, inventive, quick and easy to prepare dishes

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Salmon, Desserts & Friends

A collection of salmon and dessert recipes from Alaska cook LaDonna Gundersen, photographs provided by Ole Gundersen. Your complete guide to understanding, selecting and enjoying the wild Pacific salmon! With over 52 fabulous quick-and-easy recipes, you can whip up great salmon dishes in your own kitchen anytime. Move over, grilled chicken – tonight it’s summertime salmon bruschetta, hazelnut-encrusted salmon and baked Alaska for dessert!

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The Little Alaskan Salmon Cookbook

Husband and wife team Ole and Ladonna Gundersen, authors of the best-selling cookbooks Alaskan Rock’n Galley, Salmon, Desserts & Friends and My Tiny Alaskan Oven select the most popular salmon recipes from each of these collections for this handy little book. Ole and LaDonna put their fishing knowledge and their taste for salmon on the fast track to quick, easy-to-prepare salmon dishes with striking results.

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The Little Alaskan Halibut Cookbook

Adventure. Variety. A taste of the unexpected these are the things that vacationers the world over dream of when they think of Alaska. And what do these vacationers eat in their dreams? Why tasty new foods, prepared in exciting new ways that are bold, unique and memorable. We love our Alaskan community, which is a special one made up of fishermen and people who love to be outside. A passion for great food and a great environment drives what we do. Which is how this book came about. With four cookbooks under our belts, and 30 years of commercial fishing, my husband Ole and I have gathered and researched reams of information about every kind of fish from salmon, to halibut to crab and shrimp.

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The Little Alaskan Shrimp Cookbook

Discover the culinary magic of Alaska with this masterpiece, featuring 40 mouthwatering shrimp recipes that promise big flavor without the fuss. Renowned author LaDonna Gundersen, known for “The Little Alaskan Cookbook” series, presents her simplest and most delightful creations yet.In this full-color cookbook, LaDonna understands the challenges of preparing meals when time and energy are in short supply. The “Alaskan Shrimp” cookbook is your solution, offering recipes with minimal ingredients but maximum flavor and nutrition. Crafted from scratch using readily available ingredients, these recipes allow you to effortlessly serve up easy meals.

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The Little Alaskan Crab Cookbook

Husband and wife team Ole and LaDonna Gundersen are back with another great Alaskan cookbook. These yummy crab dishes will have you hooked! From breakfast to dessert, the Gundersens have compiled some of their most popular recipes into this handy, attractive guide.

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Keta the Alaskan Sea Cat

Get ready to sail to Alaska with Keta, the adventurous sea cat who befriends orca whales, discovers her love for salmon and learns to fish sustainably with her pawrents. Join Keta on her thrilling adventures including seeing the mesmerizing northern lights.

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Embark on a seafaring journey with Ole and LaDonna Gundersen, the dynamic duo from Ketchikan, Alaska, renowned for their numerous Alaskan cookbooks. In their second children’s book, “Nighty Night Northern Lights,” join Keta, the real feline companion who fishes with them, as she bids good night to wildlife and embraces the enchanting Northern Lights. This captivating story promises to capture the essence of joy, family, and the magic beneath the starry Alaskan Sky.

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